SIMCity Premier Homes is the most admirable townships development in terms of technology and green design. Featured as one of the only few in the region to apply 8 strict smart criteria defined by Forbes for smart city, SIMCity tops the market as the most desirable homes for “Tech-Savvy executives and start-up society. Thanks to its state-of-the-art eco-design, SIMCity guarantees its residents of 2 degrees Celsius cooler than city center and much fresher air quality comparing to else where. The well-combination of more than 1ha water features and green parks act perfectly like a natural air-conditioning and purifying system. Road network is designed as hydro-tube to channel fresh and cool air to every house. Pioneering in application of I.O.T (Internet of things) technology in management of township, SIMCity residents can use SIMCitizen Apps to control smart-home systems, pay for all bills, call for shuttle bus, and even track their health status. All public facilities are equipped with smart system and powered by green energy. Floating-clubhouse is designed to meet luxury resort living standard with floating-pool, Gym & Spa center, home cinema, business lounge and lakeside signature restaurant. “Elite Clubhouse” is extra touch on luxury that defines unparalleled living for the Premier precincts’ residents. In SIMCity, residents are supported by Anpha Holdings to start new business in Start-up Incubation Mega-Center (SIM) and connected to several world’s leading technology companies and institutes.

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